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Hello All. Please help me develop this Sebastopol Budget FAQ page. Send your questions to me at I'll do my best to answer them. What you see below is a list of questions that have already been presented to me. Please email me to add more. Thanks! Diana 

Do you have a question about the Sebastopol Budget? Please email Diana at so it can be added to a developing budget FAQ. 

1. How serious is the City's fiscal situation? Please explain the numbers. See my post here

2. What cuts did the City make to try to reduce expenses this fiscal year? I've posted an answer here

3. What is the City's fiscal year? Answer: This one I can answer quickly: July 1-June 30. 

4. What is the status of the Hotel planned next to the Plaza? I've posted an answer to this here

5. If the Fire Tax passes in March, will that help the City's deficit? See my post here.

6. What ballot measure options does the City have (sales tax, etc)? This question is answered here

7. What other options does the City have for raising revenue? See my answer here

8. If the hotel opens, how much additional revenue will that bring to the City? See my post here

9. Why did the City's reserve balance go up after the approved Budget was posted? Does that help the City's situation? See my post here. 

10. Are there any one time funds that we can expect in the future? Easy answer, confirmed by our Administrative Services Director: No. 


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