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What non-tax options does the City have for increasing revenue?

The Budget Committee is presenting a long list of potential tax and non-tax revenue generating options at the November 7 City Council meeting. These options were initially outlined in the October 17 Revenue Options Staff Report (page 11 of 12), and then refined in the November 7 Revenue Options Staff Report (page 6-11 of 38).

The Minimum Goal: $1.7M-$2.6M in New Funding Annually

  • The City has projected annual shortfalls of $1.7M to $2.6M through 2029-30. This is each year. 
  • A 1/2% Sales Tax will bring in $1.7M-$1.8M annually, core funding the is the foundation for a full solution. No other option comes close.
  • Sources for the above: earlier news postings on the deficitrevenue options

List of Priority Revenue Options (Nov 7 Revenue Options Staff Report)

  • Tax Options 
    • Proposed Sales Tax Measure for March 2024
    • Vacancy Tax for Commercial businesses
    • Utility Users Tax (UUT)
    • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)
    • Parcel Tax
  • Non-Tax Options
    • Review of Formula Business Ordinance 
    • Development Fees
    • Event Licenses 
    • Sonoma County Tourism
    • Review of City Properties
    • EMS Reimbursement
    • Tiny Homes/ADUs

List of Other (Lower Priority) Revenue Options (Nov 7 Revenue Options Staff Report)

  • Expansion of vacation rentals
  • Review of all City leases
  • Municipal bonds
  • Reassessment of trench cut and other ordinances
  • Business district expansion (Chamber of Commerce & Downtown Assoc are moving forward with this)
  • Establish an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District ( EIFD) (City Attorney making initial inquires)
  • Revise City business license tax (Staff is doing initial research)
  • Continue to seek grant opportunities (Staff has been and will continue to pursue grants)
  • Cannabis Tax

List of Non-Revenue but Supportive Strategies (Nov 7 Revenue Options Staff Report)

  • Combining and consolidating departments
  • Review of capital improvement projects to identify those that can be delayed


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