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We proudly endorse Diana Rich for Sebastopol City Council




Listed below are personal endorsements for Diana. Any titles and/or organization affiliations that are included below are for identification purposes only and do not indicate endorsement by the organization itself.

Lynda Hopkins, Supervisor, Fifth District, Sonoma County

Patrick Slayter, Mayor, City of Sebastopol

Una Glass, Vice Mayor, City of Sebastopol

Sarah Glade Gurney, Sebastopol City Councilmember & Former Mayor


David Abbott, Sonoma West Times & News Former Editor

Isaak Acuna, Electronics Technician, United States Navy

Susan Ahart, Psychiatrist

cxLedlie Allen, Elementary School Teacher

Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent, Artists

Chris Anderegg

Joyce Avignon-Hamilton, High School Counselor (ret.)/SRJC Faculty

Connie Ayers, Family Physician/California Naturalist/Family Farmer

Robert Bailey, Nationally Recognized Trial Consultant and Filmmaker

Carol Baltz

Wendy Bayless, Advisor-With-Many Hats (aka Mom)

Tasha Beauchamp, Elder Pages Online

Alan Beckstead, Local Nonprofit Board President

Kathy Bell, SRJC Faculty (ret.)

Makonnen Bent, Awesome Human Being

Bobbi Berens

Anne and Mike Bianucci

Dean Biersch, Hopmonk Tavern Owner

Dorothy Blake

Richard & Teresa Bland

Dena Bliss

Craig Boblitt, 2020 City of Sebastopol Locals Who Make a Difference Award Honoree

Pat Boblitt, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher/2020 Locals Who Make a Difference Award Honoree

Payton Bogges-Freitas, High School Teacher

Denver Booker, Sebastopol Bike Center

Richard & Robin Bowen

Renata Brillinger

Gale & Phil Brownell

Steve Bursch

Nancy Cadigan

Carol Capria

Carol and Andrew Carciere

Efren Carillo

Max Caruso

Diana Chambers, Internationally Published Author

Philena Chantha

Barry Chertov,

Gretchen Chertov

Janet Ciel, Farmer's Market Manager

Aleia Coate

Randy Coffman, The Wine Country Group

Carol Coleman, MFT

Linda Collins, Banking and Finance (ret.)

Mary Cone

Jim Corbett

Luana Cowan

Toby Cowan, Performance Design Group

Peter Coyote, Author/Narrator/Zen Priest

Rich Cundall (Lead Pastor, Local Church) & Laurie Cundall

Terry Dale, Sonoma County Mental Health (ret.), & Joanne Dale

Missy Danneberg, Early Childhood Educator (ret.)

Pamela Davis, Sonoma County Planning Commissioner, Fifth District 

Carol De Bello

Katherine & Patrick Deeton

Ellen Desmond, Elementary School Teacher

Jerry Desmond, Attorney

Mia Del Prete, Director of HR for WSCUHSD/Rotarian/Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce Director

Donna Denevan-Lynch

Wolfgang Dilger, Bauhaus Construction

Gabrielle Disario

Jeff Doran, Software Developer/Engineer (ret.)

Dale Dougherty, Make: Magazine

Nancy Dougherty, Community Volunteer

Kevin & Rebecca Dwan

Molly Eckler

John Eder, Councilperson Emeritus

Douglas Emery, Educator (ret.)

Steven Fabian

Omar Figueroa, Attorney

Katheryn Fong

Derek Forman

Lu Frazier

Sunny Galbraith

Janice Gendreau

Holly Ghirann

Michael Gillotti, Peacemaker

Vanessa Glover

Jessica Gollnick, Dog Whisperer/Owner of Bonehemian Wags

Pamela Graber, Map Your Neighborhood Leadership Council

Stan Green, Sebastopol Neighborhood Communications Unit

David Gross, aka "Big Dave," host of the Rockabilly Roadhouse show on The KRUSH 95.9

Dan Gurney, Public School Kindergarten Teacher (ret.)

Randall & Elizabeth Hagen

Catherine Hallahan-Doran, Secondary School Teacher (ret.)

Jennifer Halleck, Halleck Vineyard

Ross Halleck, Halleck Vineyard

Steve Hamilton, Renewable Energy Consultant

Robert Harkavy

Ralph Harmon, Topographical Mapmaker (ret.)/Leather Craftsman/Member Kiwanis Club

Bob Haroche, Attorney

Renee Haroche, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Linda Hartig

Hawke, City of Sebastopol "First Dog"

Pattie and David Heisser

Rodney Helvey, Sebastopol Neighborhood Communications Unit

John Henel, Software Engineer (ret.)

Dawn Heumann, Photographer

Paul Hock & Ann Strom

Rob Hogencamp, Three Leaves Foods Owner

Patty Holden

Keith Howell

Rick Humm, Educator/Coach

Pat Jackson, Sonoma State University Faculty

Robert Jacob, City of Sebastopol Former Mayor

Greg Jacobs, Deputy District Attorney (ret.)

Kenneth H. Jacobs, Attorney at Law

Lawrence Jaffe

Greg Jilka, Attorney

Skip Jirrels, City Public Safety Outreach Coordinator

Chris and Charlie Judson

Michele Kimble, Communications & PR

Jude Kreissman

Harold Kwalwasser, Educator/Author/Rotarian

Colleen and Craig Lazanich

Howard Levy and Liz Knisely

Nancy LoDolce

Jen and Eric Lofchie

Charmaine Louzao

Marsha Sue Lustig, Public Health Advocate

Ed Lynch

Margaret Lynch

Wayne Madgett

Anne Magnie, Former Sebastopol Mayor

Joe Maloney, Contractor/High School Teacher

Linda Maloney, SRJC Faculty

Ali & Warren Mann, Children's Music School Founders

Buzzy Martin and Laura Van Portfleet

Frank & Kathie Mayhew

Jim McAdams

Judy McCann

Keller McDonald, West Sonoma County Union High School District Superintendent (ret.)

Marian McDonald, RN

Michaela McGivern, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Franny Minervini-Zick, Local Preschool Founder/Gardener/BeeTender

Glenn Minervini-Zick, CPA/Masters in Healthcare Administration

Tim Moore, Financial Advisor

Alan Murakami, Community Advocate

Rick and Kathi Murphy

Clare Najarian

John Necker

Oren Noah, Attorney

Bill and Kathy Oetinger

Bill Olzman and Laura Malcolm

Adam & Nancy Orth

Bob Oshun

Carol Otis

Jim Pacatte, Pacatte Construction/Rotarian and wife Rosemarie Pacatte

Patricia Padilla-Noah, Physician

John Parry and Laura Goldman

Jim Passage

Greg Paxton, Ferry Boat Captain (ret.)

Teresa T. Paxton, Political Activist

Paula C. Pearce

Pauline Pellini, Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year 2000/Senior Center Aged to Perfection Honoree 2010

Alexis and Angela Persinger, Persinger Architects and Associates

Lisa Pierce

Glen Pinnow

Russ Pinto

Delora Porter, Firsters Map Your Neighborhood Group Founder

Trish Power, Registered Nurse (ret.)

Richard Power, Attorney (ret) /Rotary Club of Sebastopol Past President

Teresa and Darrell Ramondo

Bill & Becky Raymond

Alex Rich and Allisha Smith

Ben Rich, College Student

Daniel Rich, Eye Care Institute Physician

John Rich, Dentist (ret.)

Pat Rich, Elementary School Teacher (ret.)

Stephen Rich, Physician

Marty Roberts

Larry Robinson

Carlo Rossi, Independent Child Advocate

Linda Ruder, Analy High School Counselor

Thomas Rush

Kevin Russell, Musician/Concert Promoter/Psychotherapist

Theresa Russo, Local Nonprofit Board Member

Drake & Nioma Sadler

Amy Sas, Real Estate Agent

David Schreibman, Quality Business Machines Sales Manager/Rotary Club of Sebastopol Past President

Peter Schurch

Mark Setterland

Laura Shafer

Susan Bryer Shelton

Roger Sherman

Dan Smith & Joan Marler

Julie Smith, Fairy Princess/Physical Therapist

Paula Smith

Katharine Sparrow

Wayne Stanfield, Navy (ret.)/Commercial Pilot (ret.)/Campaign Sign Maker!

Cindy Stearns, Sonoma State University Faculty (ret.)

Cynthi Stefenoni

Patti Stack

Raini Sugg

Terri Tachovsky and Karen Knudson

Clay Takaya

Janny and Mark Tansil

C.J. and Rick Theis

Kathleen Thompson

Mitchell Thompson, Community Liaison, The Resourcery

Mike Thore

Maria & Mike Tinney, Universal Scale Services 

Peggy Tourje & Jane Krensky, Community Activists

Steve Trippe, Youth Employment Prep Nonprofit Executive Director

Gabrielle Trubach

David Turchin

Seth Ubogy, Neuropsychologist

Robert Uleman, Data Science Engineer

Molly Underwood, Chef/Activist/Hospice Worker

Anjana Utarid, Nonprofit Executive Director

Bryan Varnadore, Owner Varnadore Painting

Laura Victor-van Gorder

Sherry Vierra

Ted Walker, Sonoma County Union High School District Trustee

Melissa Weaver

Vaughan Whalen and Karen McClure

Judith Whitehouse

Tui Wilchinsky

Amie Windsor, Development Associate/Freelance Writer

Jason Windsor, Creative Director/Animator

Raphael E. Wolf

Gen Zorich, Local Arts Steering Committee Co-Chair

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60, Sebastopol CA 95472
707 861-0032
FPPC #1430199
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