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The Budget: What was cut this year? Here's the list

Do you have a question about the Sebastopol Budget? Please email Diana at so it can be added to a developing Budget FAQ

This has been a continuing question: What exactly was cut from the City's budget this year. one City Councilmember I did a deep dive into the Budget document's transmittal letter and other publicly available documents, and put together the attached summary list. It's impressive in that it captures a City in distress, cutting all it can to make ends meet. It's also distressing because the cuts go so deep, and intrude on expenses that support our quality of life: nonprofits that serve our population and bring joy and enrichment to our lives, and beautification efforts that make our town look as inviting as we dream it should be. Reality is painful, and that's (to me) what these numbers represent. 

23-24 Budget Short List of $1Million+ in Cuts

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