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Mtg Tonight - City-Wide Parking?

Tonight the City Council considers a proposal for City-Wide Parking changes. Now that there's a commitment to move RVs from Morris Street and Laguna Parkway into the RV Village at 845 Gravenstein Highway North, what are we going to do about overnight parking of RVs throughout town? The motivation for the RV Village was addressing the encampment on Morris Street. It's clear that our town doesn't want to have that happen again. So what to do? That's the question before the City Council tonight.

Parking options proposed by the Police Chief:

  • Option 1: Adopt an ordinance of no street parking of oversized vehicles (e.g., RVs, trailers, buses, etc.) in residential neighborhoods at any time.

  • Option 2: Adopt an ordinance of no parking of oversized vehicles (e.g., RVs, Trailers, Buses, etc.) in commercial and industrial areas between 6:00am and 10:00pm

  • Option 3: Adopt an ordinance of timed daylight parking in commercial and industrial areas (e.g., 3-hr. parking)

  • Option 4: Adopt an ordinance that incorporates one or more of the above options

Our process tonight will include consideration of the above options, plus others that are produced during the discussion. 

Your opportunity for input is tonight. Email with your public comment, and/or attend the meeting. Tonight's meeting starts at 5:30 - zoom link is here. The full meeting information - agenda, documents (see agenda item 8), plus the zoom link - can be found at the City Council meeting page

FYI, here's the Staff Report laying out the options presented by Police Chief Kilgore. 

Plus other topics at the meeting tonight: Cyber-fraud update (1.2 million in City funds); Follow up issue related to smart water meters; City Council appointments to regional and local positions; Joe Gaffney retirement proclamation.

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