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What are the qualities of a good City Councilperson?

Who Do I Support for City Council? I've been asked about who I would support for City Council. I have endorsed Stephen Zollman, but I am still researching the other candidates.

Will I Offer Further Information on Who I Support? Yes, absolutely. I need to do my research (because that's what I do). I've reached out to all five candidates and asked to meet with each. I'm genuinely curious and interested in each of these people who has taken the very honorable step of running for City Council.

My Suggestions For Every Voter? For now, I suggest that everyone watch the September 21 Candidate Forum Video, which is embedded in my September 20 posting and can also be accessed on You Tube HERE. Also, take a look at the links I posted on September 20, and consider each candidate in terms of the following qualities. This is my personal list that I'll be using to evaluate each candidate.  

I am looking for candidates who...

  • ...have good character, meaning integrity, ethics, and an excellent moral compass. In other words, will they be truthful? Will they follow the rules that apply to them as City Councilpeople? Will they be driven always by an intent to do what’s right for the people of this town? 
  • ...will be relationship builders, meaning they will put in the time and effort to build relationships with fellow City Councilmembers, City Staff, and the greater community. Will they recognize that disrespect, contempt, and personal attacks create unhealthy relationships that undermine sound governance? Will they instead accept that good relationships and sound policy serve the community? 
  • ...will be team players and strong communicators, meaning they will be able to articulate their positions, remain curious about and open-minded about the positions of others, and be open to working constructively and collaboratively with others to produce a result that can serve the community. 
  • ...will be emotionally mature, meaning they will understand the need to stay in tune with their own emotions, and are able to set aside those emotions, cope effectively with the intense emotions of others, stay engaged, and welcome dissent without over-reacting to it.
  • ...will be fearless, meaning they will have the courage to withstand criticism and hold a position if their research, consideration of other perspectives, principles, and ethics convince them that it is in the best interests of the community at large, even in the face of opposition. 
  • ...will be accessible, meaning they will make themselves accessible to the community and will listen carefully to others, with a desire to understand concerns, ideas, and perspectives. 
  • ...will be compassionate, meaning they will have a heartfelt concern for the quality of life for all who live here in Sebastopol, and will take a compassionate approach in decision-making. 
  • ...will be critical, pragmatic, visionary thinkers, meaning they will take into consideration short and long term impacts of their decisions, and be realistic about policy making while still considering achievable aspirational goals that will improve the quality of life for Sebastopol residents. 
  • ...will be prepared, meaning they will do their homework and do the research and work that’s needed to participate meaningfully at City Council meetings and in all other City-related settings. 
  • ..will understand City finances, meaning they will have the financial acumen to understand the City budget, or will do what’s necessary to improve their skills, so that as policy-makers they can evaluate budgets and financial statements. 

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
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