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WEATHER ALERT. This is from Skip Jirrels, Sebastopol Public Safety Outreach Coordinator. Bottom Line? Windy weather coming!

From Skip Jirrels: The weather is predicted to be substantially more windy and rainy starting later this afternoon through tomorrow morning. Thunderstorms, hail and possibly snow down to 1000ft are all being projected by NWS (National Weather Service >> your 'trusted resource'>> right?? ( )).
High wind gusts in the 40mph range could be happening across the county. (Much higher directly at the coast) Along with waves of rain (not a consistent band) up to 1 inch per hour near the 9:00pm time, be mindful of flying debris coming from trees, tree limbs being snapped off and trees coming down along the routes you normally take for ingress and egress. Gas up that chainsaw!
There may be a "Flash Flood Warning" sent later today. All of us need to be mindful of the normal small creeks we cross or ride next to - it takes very little water to hide a pothole and not that much more to float a vehicle. Be careful in late afternoon through the night. The rains are predicted to be most intense near midnight. But pre and post that most intense time, it may still be raining, or hailing or whatever! 
SoCoAlert will be an important source of very local info. is a good source too. NOAA radio will have alerts. 
As of an hour ago, there is no intention by County to advise evacuations. The areas of greatest concern or unanticipated impacts can and will be connected with separately, if needed. 
This is a winter storm and we have much more detailed predictions and recently tested response protocols being put into place and followed by County and City personnel. Being informed helps to strengthen our capabilities. For those in the "burn scar" areas of SoCo, they have even more to put their attention on. Flash flood warnings and potential debris flow issues in those areas are heightened in this storm.
Be mindful of your surroundings, family and neighbors. The winds later in the day are anticipated to be quite high. The rains will be significant. We know this going into the afternoon. Take care and do what you can to be 'Sebastopol Ready' as Mother Nature moves across our area.
Question: What might blow away in my neighborhood because of these anticipated winds? 
Secondary question: What can 'I' do about it?
Be safe,
Skip Jirrels
City of Sebastopol
Public Safety Outreach Coordinator

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60 
Sebastopol CA 95472
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