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Tue Mar 15@6pm City Council Meeting - What's on the Agenda?

  • National Surveyor Week March 20-26 - proclamation
  • Earth Hour in Sebastopol Saturday March 26 8:30am-9:30am - proclamation


1. Minutes of Feb 15 regular meeting - approval (City Admin)
2. Minutes of Feb 23 special meeting - approval (City Admin)
3. Minutes of Mar 1 regular meeting - approval (City Admin)
4. Homeless Emergency - extension of resolution (City Admin)
5. Web Site Redesign - approval of Planeteria contract not to exceed $35K (City Admin)
6. Organic Waste Disposal Reduction (SB1383) - second reading of ordinance (City Mgr/GHD)
7. Huntley Square (7950 Bodega) - second reading of rezoning (Planning)
8. Recology Hauler Agreement - approval of amendment (GHC/City Admin)
9. Ragle West Side Bicycle/Pedestrian Access - approval to pursue grant (GHD)
10. Wildland Fire Engine - purchase approval (Fire Chief)


11. Sebastopol Arts Film Festival Mar 24-27- presentation by Cynthi Stefenoni
12. Climate Action Committee - update by Kenna Lee (Planning)
13. Business Improvement District - process for expansion (Gurney/City Admin)

PUBLIC HEARING(S): Items 14 - 15

14. Emergency Operations - budget, ordinance reading (1st), plan appendixes, training update (Fire Dept)
15. Police "Body-Specific Equipment" - 1st reading of ordinance (Police Dept)

REGULAR ITEMS (discussion and/or action): Items 16 - 20

16. Morris St Bike Lane - discussion of modifications (City Eng/W Trans)
17. Unhoused Commitee - report and approval of reallocation of funds (City Admin/Ad Hoc for Unhoused)
18. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy & City Purchasing Policy - amendments approval (City Admin/GHD)
19. In Person/Hybrid Meetings & Continued Teleconference Meetings - discussion and approval (City Admin)
20. Staffing Assessment Ad Hoc Committee - approval of 2nd Council appointee (City Admin)


17. City Manager-Attorney/City Clerk Reports
18. City Council Reports/Committee/Sub-Committee Meeting Reports
19. Council Communications Received
20. Future City Meeting Dates/Events (Informational Only)


SUBMITTING WRITTEN COMMENTS TO THE CITY COUNCIL: If you would like to submit your written comments to the City Council, the very best way is to email the Asst City Manager Mary Gourley ( She will automatically distribute any emails pertinent to City Council matters to all City Councilmembers. To make sure they are forwarded, simply begin your email with the following greeting: “To the Mayor and City Councilmembers." 

SUBMITTING VERBAL COMMENTS TO THE CITY COUNCIL: You are also welcome to submit verbal comments, by attending the meeting (links above), and sharing your comments when the item that interests you comes up during the meeting. For items not on the agenda, comments are invited at the beginning of the meeting. Generally, each member of the public is given 2 minutes for verbal comments. Members of the public are invited to contribute comments on multiple items, but are limited to one opportunity per item. 

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