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Lynda Hopkins - Wow!

This video was posted by Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins on Oct 9 on Facebook. I knew she was a talented supervisor, but I had no idea that her talent extended to singing and playing guitar. fun...I have always been a Lynda Hopkins fan, but this really seals the deal for me! 
The video posted on Facebook included this message: "Happy birthday to my lover, my life partner, my best friend, my husband! Emmett was greeted on his birthday morning with our family’s music video debut. It was fun playing songwriter/lead vocalist/lead guitarist/director/goatherd/child cheerleader…. annnd I think I’ll be keeping my day job. 😉 His birthday weekend concluded this evening with way too much cake, ice cream, and various forms of chocolate. Presenting “Emmett’s 40th Birthday Song” or “How Our Love is Like an Old Shoe”… a farm-family birthday surprise."

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60, Sebastopol CA 95472
707 861-0032
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