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How Time Flies - Nov 2022 to Sep 2023

Where does the time go? In a flash it seems to zip by. I'm back here to post once again, recognizing that it's been about a year since I last wrote any updates for this website. It's been an amazing year. Lots has happened. The big news I'll share, though, is that the new City Councilmembers are the very best. I count my blessings to be working with a group of people who are all ethical, hard-working, insightful, community-minded, act from their hearts, and are completely dedicated to this town. The five or us are not united in our every move or in our every decision, but we are united in our goal: to make this a better community. Our different ways of looking at issues gives us the best possible chance of meeting that goal. It's a strength. I am pleased and honored to be working with this amazing City Council. 

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60 
Sebastopol CA 95472
FPPC #1430199
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