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9.3: REALITY CHECK. This is a depressing assessment, but astute and insightful. Don’t read it until you’ve had your first cup of coffee (at least).

For me, the take-away is a call to action.

Why did I step up to run for office? Because we are at risk in this country of losing what binds us together as a people and gives value and joy to our lives: our commitment to the betterment of all in our community. Covid-19 is exposing that risk, and it is forcing us out of complacency and into action. In Sebastopol, we need to heed that call, and on a local level put to action policies and practices that serve all of us as a community, knowing that improving for all is the key to our future.

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60 
Sebastopol CA 95472
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