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9/18: SUNRISE ANALY HIGH SCHOOL. Impressive group of civically engaged high school students.

9/18: They interviewed me today. They were organized, insightful, engaged, prepared, and presented me with a series of very interesting questions. They were excellent listeners and independent thinkers. It gives me great hope for our future. Pivotal Moment: The announcement about RBG dying came in the middle of the interview. One of the students suddenly said she had just heard the news. It was emotional for all of us, tears came to my eyes, and I could see the young people who were interviewing me were struggling to maintain their composure. We stopped what we were doing, and shared a moment of silence. The students clearly knew the implications of her passing - not just the loss of a great mind, but the potential for a new appointment to the US Supreme Court by our current administration. It was so sad - I sat there faced with the raw disappointment of these very sincere young people. It made me realize how very tough it must be to be young these many scary and sad developments that they're having to take in. We need to do our part to make this world better for them. They deserve it, and we absolutely need to step up to be there for them. They are our future. Their hearts and minds are so open and so hopeful. It's incredibly motivating!

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