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10/28: WHERE CAN I DO IN-PERSON VOTING? If you aren't able to hand-deliver your mail-in ballot to the Registrar of Voters by this Thursday at 5pm.....

From prior page: ...(435 Fiscal Drive in SR), and you want to make sure your vote is counted on election night, take your mail-in ballot to an in-person voting location and turn it in to get an in-person ballot.


Options: Sebastopol Community Center (390 Morris) or Registrar of Voters (435 Fiscal Drive in SR). Hours: Community Center: 9am-5pm on Sat, Sun, Mon, then 7am-8pm on Tue 11/3. Hours: Registrar of Voters: 9am-5pm today, Thu, Fri, Mon, then 7am-8pm Tue 11/3. Registrar of Voters:565-6800. If you can't do either of these (hand-deliver by Thu to the Registrar of Voters or do in-person voting through election night at 8pm), your vote WILL still be counted, but it will be counted AFTER election night. If you're in this situation, just make sure you place your ballot in a secure drop box (Sebastopol Center for the Arts has one) or if you're using USPS it has to be post-marked by November 3. Best advice in this situation: walk into the post office and have the clerk handstamp the envelope right in front of you. That way if there's some confusion about the date stamped at the central USPS processing center, the Registrar of Voters will have a way to confirm you did in fact deliver to the post office on time. BUT BETTER CHOICE: Hand-deliver to the Registrar of Voters by Thu 10/29, or do In person voting instead!!! MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

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