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RV Village - What's the deal with the lawsuit?

All of the pleadings are linked below. For those who want to read the key documents, I'd suggest the following: FNS's initial January 21 Petition (starting their court action), (2) FNS's January 31 Ex Parte Application, (3) the City's Feb 1 Opposition, and (4) the Court's Feb 1 Denial of FNS's Application.  

For those who wonder whether this case is done now, the answer is not necessarily. There is a case management conference scheduled for February 17, 2022 at 3pm. Stay tuned. 

For those of you who wonder how I'm feeling about all of this? As one City Councilmember, actively involved in this effort, I am feeling confident, well-represented, and eager to see this project that will definitely benefit all in our community come to fruition. Next week is the full move in for Horizon Shine! Then, I hope, a new parking ordinance to help us City-wide. perfect solutions here...but an excellent compromise and effort to do something meaningful. 

Are you curious about how to access court case information yourself? Here's a fun educational piece of information: You can get SO much information about this case (and others) on Sonoma County Superior Court's "case management system portal." Click here for the site. Follow the prompts, but basically you'll select "Click here to access the portal," then you'll have to "accept" the conditions of access, next you'll click on "search hearings," and then you'll fill out the form with the case number (SCV270053) and other relevant information. That will take you to a page where all the proceedings for this case are listed. It doesn't give you access to all the documents, but you can definitely see what's happened so far, and what is scheduled in the future.

All Pleadings in FNS Action to Delay/Stop the RV Village 

  1. January 21 FNS Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus
  2. January 31 FNS Ex Parte Application for Alternative Writ of Mandamus
  3. February 1 City Opposition to Ex Parte Application for Alternative Writ of Mandamus
  4. February 1 Court Decision Denying Application for Alternative Writ of Mandamus

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