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It's here: The CoMission Community Vitality Report and Residential Survey! Read it!

Community Vitality Project: Residential Survey Report (Jan 13, 2021)

Overview: This report has been created by CoMission for the City of Sebastopol to outline the results of the Residential Survey and offer potential actions to identified challenges. Throughout the report, notable trends emerge that reflect the residential community’s sentiments and collective thoughts. In some cases, questions and answers provide meaningful insight on the impacts of the pandemic both in terms of pre and post intervention (pandemic related challenges) as well as direct responses toward potential paradigm shifts. Using both qualitative and quantitative measurements the resulting data will be useful in continuing to address the needs and desires of Sebastopol’s residential community while driving at longer-term consensus-based recommendations.

Contents: Overview, Goals, Survey (Population, Questions, Feedback, Results), Pandemic Impacts.

The CoMission Mission: CoMission is a community-oriented organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and improving the quality of life for communities. CoMission creates webs of local resiliency to become a stronger and happier community while fostering and thriving together.

The Project: CoMission has engaged with the City of Sebastopol on the "Community Vitality Project" as outlined in the 2019 city plans, however since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, CoMission has, at the direction of the City Manager, swiftly shifted their focus and priorities to address the new challenges and face the resiliency demands of the community not only as they were prior to COVID-19, but especially in the wake of the pandemic. CoMission will continue to reach out to the Sebastopol community comprehensively using outreach and engagement tactics ranging from community meetings to public surveys, proactively eliciting participation from our local business, nonprofit, and government stakeholders. CoMission’s work is intentionally performed in an inclusive and collaborative way. The comprehensive community engagement portion of the program began on May 5, 2020 allowing CoMission to rapidly engage with stakeholders and effectively assess and respond to the needs of the community.

Goals of the Residential Survey

  1. Gather quantitative data on the economic impact of the pandemic on the Sebastopol community

  2. Gather qualitative insights into unique individual challenges and experiences to better understand

    and help these residents and population groups directly

  3. Gather anecdotal insights into community perspective and behavior patterns to project

    post-pandemic phenomena that Sebastopol City may need to adjust for

But wait...there's more! Download the full report here

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