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9/3: RACE & BIAS. Wow! Short Video - "The Look." Worth watching.

Given lots of play since June by Proctor & Gamble. Originally produced in 2019. Used at educational institutions across the country to build empathy, change perspectives, prompt personal introspection, and bring people together for conversation. Amazing filmmaking.

Posted by Loren Ferguson on Facebook. Here are his comments: "Man, hats off to Procter & Gamble ("P&G") for this bold commercial. This is powerful. I can say I honestly relate to this on so many levels. Receiving "The Look" so many times, just feeling the prejudgment and bias thrown my way without even opening my mouth, regardless of how I'm dressed, being followed in department stores, being in a neighborhood that I "shouldn't" be in and so on. If you wonder what it's like being in "my skin" just watch this commercial and acknowledge how it makes you feel. It'll give some insight into what it's like having to rise against biases, prejudgment, prejudices, and stereotypes (I'm aware that everyone deals with "cultural stereotypes"). This, I can say I've never felt a commercial so personally like this one. Head over to " " for more on this and be educated even more."

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