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11/4: PRESIDENTIAL RACE. From CNN. We're at 237 for Biden, 213 for Trump (electoral votes). Needed to win: 270.

These are predictions, nor official numbers. The pros doing the predictions are good, but not perfect (let's recall the failed predictions in 2000 by all "experts" that Al Gore would take Florida...) Regardless, the predictions have generally been reliable. Here's the info on the remaining to be "called," and their current status, including their electoral votes, from the CNN website.
6 votes: Nevada (49.3% for Biden; 86% reported)
11 votes: Arizona (51% for Biden; 86% reported)
16 votes: Michigan (49.5% for Biden; 94% reported)
15 votes: North Carolina (50.1% for Trump; 95% reported)
16 votes: Georgia (50.3% for Trump, 93% reported)
20 votes: Pennsylvania (53.3% for Trump; 80% reported)

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